Monday, October 18, 2004



Greetings all! The response to the race has been fantastic so far. Please start putting together your teams, so we can figure out your team color and/or theme. We also need to get a firm idea how many teams are racing this year...

To get your competitive juices flowing, here's an email from Lisa Hirsch, whose team is already ahead of the game:

In honor of Halloween our team has decided to dress up like the characters of Scooby Doo.... So we are Team Doo, comprised of:

Lisa Hirsch- Shaggy
Amanda Bromberg- Velma
Wally Lozano- Fred
Kimberly Moore- Daphne
Johnny Cha-Cha- Scooby

All right, people, the gauntlet has been thrown! Go to it! And start emailing your team info (or if you're going to help us as Clue Captains) to

Good luck!

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