Friday, November 12, 2004


Photo Round-Up from Mike & Maria's Halloween Housewarming Race!

More pics from the original... the best... and the official race around Los Angeles, Mike and Maria's Halloween Housewarming Race!

:: Latest shots come from Team Doo -- who nearly were eliminated from the race when a suicide jumper held up traffic on the 710. Teammate Amanda has posted the group's shots here.

:: Next up, some shots from Mike and Maria's camera can be found online here. A sampling:

Hezekiah Walker and the 111th Street Choir meet 'Amazing Race' winners Chip and Kim

Orange Crush team member Christy shoves a Spam Musubi in her mouth (at downtown's Grand Central Market)

:: Meanwhile, Anthony and Candice took some great photos while serving as clue captains at two different sites. Their shots can be found here. Here are three:

Teams take off from the starting line, at Mike and Maria's house

Two Team Northwestern members hurry past the Korean Bell in San Pedro

Team Doo races toward Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights

:: And the gauntlet has been thrown: Not Models teammate Leslie Ryan believes her group -- who, granted, finished in sixth place -- took the best photos. Go here for the entire stash, and watch as the Not Models stay competitive early in the race... and then start hitting the sauce. Viva Team Not Models!

The "Not Models" race from Mariachi Plaza, where teams were required to find a specific green religious candle before receiving their next clue.

:: Also, Team Anonymous' Shannon has posted a few shots on her (and hubby Akhil's) blog, We Live in L.A..

Team Anonymous' Shannon and Matt, at the starting line (our house)

For the rest of ya, keep sending in photos and/or links! We'll be sharing more race shots in the next few weeks.

Sunday, October 31, 2004



The Orange Crush group celebrates their big victory!

Eleven teams... 17 clues... 16 locations... 7 to 8 hours... too many miles to remember...

Teams embarked Saturday on an all-day race around Los Angeles organized by us, Mike and Maria's Halloween Housewarming Race.

Inspired by Emmy winning series "The Amazing Race" and obscure early 80s movie "Midnight Madness," the Halloween Housewarming Race was a sequel to last year's Birthday Race (which, you'll remember, Los Angeles magazine wrote about in its November 2003 issue). This time, the challenges were tougher -- and the teams were more determined to win.

They searched for obscure sodas at Galco's Soda Pop Stop in Highland Park. Purchased a loaf of pumpkin bread from the Cloistered Dominican Nuns of Hollywood's Monastery of the Angels. Ran to -- and got kicked out of -- the 101 Cafe. Scoured the floor of Amoeba Records, looking for obscure CDs. Found the Holmby Hills putting green, and sank a few holes in one. Watched a homemade video at the Museum of TV and Radio. Searched for a green religious candle at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights. Rode the reborn Red Cars in San Pedro. Took a pit stop at the harbor's Ports O' Call Village.

After a break to catch their breath, eat and mingle with others, teams then overlooked the cliffs of Angel's Gate Park while finding the Korean Bell. Raced up to downtown's Felix Chevrolet. Made political signs and flashed them at oncoming traffic at the Sunset/Hollywood intersection. Dove into the pool on the roof of the downtown Standard. Took the elevator to the top floor of the Bonaventure. Crammed down an entire Spam Musubi at the Grand Central Market. Threw back a shot at a bar in Chinatown. And ran to the finish line at Philippe's the Original french dip restaurant.

Teams start the race at our house

Whew! The race began at 10:30, and the first team crossed the finish line at 5:26. (Winning team Orange Crush smoked the competish; last team finally arrived at 6:39.) Tired and sweaty, the teams celebrated ... and met surprise guests Chip and Kim McAllister, the winners of the most recent edition of CBS' "The Amazing Race."

Here's how the teams wound up, along with their arrival time at the finish line:
First Place: Orange Crush (Peter, Teresa, Matt, Christy, Eric, Yvette) 5:26 pm
Second Place: Hezekiah Walker and the 111th St. Gospel Singers (Tony, Becky, Jess, Jeff) 5:37 pm
Third Place: Team Anonymous (Shannon, Mark) 5:38 pm
Fourth Place: Team Northwestern: The Empire Strikes Back (Ann, Jason, Mark, Ally) 6:04 pm
Fifth Place: Pumpkin Pie (Louie, Tom, Karen, April) 6:13 pm
Sixth Place: The Not Models (Leslie, Paul, Dave, Rachel) 6:15 pm
Seventh Place: Team Doo (Hirsch, Lozano, Moore, Bromberg, Bromberg, Campana) 6:15 pm
Eighth Place: Three Blind Mice (April, Pauline, Jeremy) 6:28 pm
Ninth Place: Team Fury (Denise, Geoff, Alan, Rebecca, Betsy) 6:33 pm
Tenth Place: Charlie's Angels (Dave, Susanne, Margo, Melissa) time n/a -- skipped a stop
Eleventh Place: Invalids (Pang-ni, Ian) dropped out after the pit stop

Here's how the clues broke down:

CLUE #1-Handed out at our Glendale home
Glug, glug, glug. It’s gonna be a long day, and you’re gonna get thirsty. Head to the Soda Pop Stop, and grab bottles of Plantation Style Mint Julep, chocolate soda and Bubble Up. After checking out, you’ll be handed your next clue. Belch! [Teams had to find Galco's Soda Pop Stop in Highland Park, where owner John Nise was waiting with their next clues -- after they found those obscure sodas.]

CLUE #2-Handed out by Soda Pop Stop
How about something to go along with that soda… Purchase a loaf of pumpkin bread from the nuns at the Monastery of the Angels, then head to the 101 Coffee Shop, where our Clue Captain awaits. [Teams found the monastery, nestled in Hollywood, then raced to the 101 Coffee Shop... where clue captain Claire was eventually thrown out for disturbing the peace!]

CLUE #3-Handed out by Claire at the 101 Coffee Shop
Get your groove on. Drive on over to Amoeba Records and find our clue captains, Jason and Sherry (along with Jordan, our Littlest Clue Captain), who’ll hand you your next clue.

CLUE #4-Handed out by Jason and Sherry at Amoeba
Pick one teammate to scour the floor of Amoeba, bringing back ONE of the following CDs:
James Otto, "Days of Our Lives"
Willie K, "The Uncle in Me"
Zuco 103, "Outro Lado"
Charles Webster, "Remixed on the 24th of July"
Velocity Girl, "Simpatico!"
Slicker, "We All Have a Plan"
Dave Pike, "Peligroso"
"Out of Order: Soundtrack to the Surfers’ Documentary"
Charles Joechlin, "The Jungle Book"
Subdudes, "Primitive Streak"
Faith and the Muse, "Burning Season"
Benny Benassi, "Hypnotica"
Gregory Isaacs, "Cool Ruler"
Franco Corelli, "The Unknown Recordings"
Truth Hurts, "Ready Now"
Here’s the catch: Once a team brings Jason and Sherry a CD, no one else can pick that particular title… but you won’t know which CDs have already been turned in until you bring it to them!
Once you turn in a CD that no one else has used, Jason and Sherry will give you your next clue.

CLUE#5-Handed out by Jason and Sherry at Amoeba
Aaron Spelling saved a bundle on his greenery, with this just steps from his front yard. It’s here that Aaron, Hugh and other Holmby area residents can practice sinking them like a world’s famous cat. Find our clue captains, Susanna and Todd, who will take you from there. [Teams had to figure out that they needed to get to the Holmby Hills putting green. Once there, they had to sink putts in two out of three holes. Teams later said this was the hardest of all the challenges -- although a few golfers on the teams had an easier time.]

CLUE #6-Handed out by Todd and Susanna at Holmby Hills putting green
It’s showtime! Race over to the Museum of TV & Radio, one of the coolest museums in all of L.A. (Why? Because it’s all about TV!) Find the box marked by our Race flag, where you’ll pick up your next clue.

CLUE #7- Found inside a box at the Museum of TV & Radio's downstairs lobby
Tell the fine Museum of TV & Radio employees that you’re here to screen some TV – including that classic episode of "The Mike & Maria Halloween Housewarming Race’s Next Clue."

CLUE#8-On the video
[Maria shot a video of me at Mariachi Plaza, which we gave to the fine folks at the TV museum. They installed it in their system, so teams arriving to watch TV in the museum's cubicles saw our clip! On the video, I give a brief history of the Boyle Heights area and tell them to race down to Mariachi Plaza -- where they must find a green religious candle. Once they do, race over to the Mariachi Plaza gazebo, where clue captains Anthony and Candice will hand out the next clue -- but only if they have the correct candle.]

CLUE#9-Handed out by Anthony and Candice at Mariachi Plaza [Teams had to figure out a way to read the website -- which provided a link to their next destination, the revived Red Car service in San Pedro. Most teams called up friends or family to check online. One team had brought along a computer with wi-fi capability.]

CLUE#10-Handed out by Maria at the first Red Car stop in San Pedro
You've reached the half-way point! Climb aboard the Red Car and ride to the Ports o’ Call Station. Once there, race on over to the Ports O’ Call Village for a richly deserved break. Find Mike, where he has set up the stop. You'll get a chance to rest, eat and mingle with other players. (A "mandatory pit stop," as they call it on "Amazing Race.") Last team to reach Mike may be eliminated.
IMPORTANT: Find Mike immediately to check in. Your time of arrival will determine the time you rejoin the race!

CLUE#11-Handed out by Mike and Maria (at first, and then by Pang-ni and Ian, who decided to leave the race but agreed to stay on as clue captains) at Ports O' Call
The heart and Seoul of San Pedro is this bell, a gift to Los Angeles to celebrate the 1976 bicentennial. Find Clue Captains Anthony and Candice at the bell, and they’ll hand you your next clue. [Teams had to find the Korean Bell in Angel's Gate Park]

CLUE #12-Handed out by Anthony and Candice at Korean Bell
Find this wonderful, wonderful cat. (Perhaps he’s driving a Malibu… or an Impala.) The receptionist should have your next clue. [Teams had to figure out we were referring to Felix Chevrolet.]

CLUE#13-Handed out by receptionist at Felix Chevrolet

‘Tis the season… for campaigning. Either (a) find yourself a sign from a real political campaign or (b) make one. Then head to the intersection of Hollywood and Sunset, where Clue Captain Melissa will be waiting. Start flashing your sign – once you get two honks out of passersby, you’ll receive your next clue.

CLUE#14-Handed out by Melissa at Sunset/Hollywood

Splish, splash! For your second roadblock of the game, pick someone who… um, doesn’t mind getting wet. Find clue captain Kathy at the roof of the downtown Standard. [One member from each team had to jump into the Standard's pool -- and swim to the other side, grab a clue, and swim back.]

CLUE#15-Handed out by Kathy at Standard pool
Time for an homage to "Midnight Madness," the other inspiration for this race. That movie’s action wound up at downtown’s Bonaventure Hotel. Take the elevator up to the BonaVista lounge and grab a matchbook/napkin/whatever with its name on it… then head to Grand Central Market, where Clue Captains Damon and Rita will be waiting… with a special treat. [As the "special treat," one member from each team had to consume an entire Spam Musubi -- a delicacy in Hawaii, but daunting to first-timers. It's a huge slice of spam atop a mound of rice, wrapped in seaweed.]

CLUE#16-Handed out by Rita and Damon at the Grand Central
You’re in the homestretch! Get down to the Grand Star Bar. One brave team member must order the Mike & Maria shot. (Hell, all of you – sans DD, of course – can down one. What the hell. It’s a party after all.) [A "Mike and Maria shot" turned out to be a simple, pure shot of vodka. Some teams all drank, but most teams picked one member to down a shot.]

CLUE #17-From Grand Star Bar bartender
You did it! Get your asses down to Philippe’s the Original. First team to make it to the finish line wins the Mike and Maria Halloween Housewarming Race!

As the first team through, the dynamos of ORANGE CRUSH won gift cards to Borders Books & Music and Sephora, as well as CDs and DVDs from Rhino. Second place HEZEKIAH WALKER AND THE 111TH ST. GOSPEL SINGERS, who ran around all day in gaudy powder blue choir robes, were given "Amazing Race" t-shirts and hats.

SPECIAL THANKS to our Clue Captains: Claire, Jason and Sherry (with Jordan), Anthony and Candice (who did double duty!), Melissa and Jen, Pang-ni and Ian, Kathy, and Rita and Damon. Also to the clue stops that helped out. And a SUPER BIG THANKS to CBS' Lauri Metrose, who convinced Chip and Kim to come out and celebrate with the teams! (It goes without saying that Chip and Kim were awesome for coming out -- check out their website at

And a shout-out to Chip and Kim, who took time out of their busy schedule to meet a group of rabid "Amazing Race" fans. They were genuine and down-to earth. (That's us above with Chip and Kim.)

Teams: Please send us your photos! Or links to 'em! Let's start a race photo album; there are a ton of great shots out there!

Friday, October 29, 2004



Don't forget, 9 am at Mike and Maria's house... the race will start promptly at 10:15, so don't be late!

Most of the teams have been organized, although we still haven't heard from a couple of you. Don't forget, you can always be a Clue Captain if you can't race... we've already lined up Susanna and Todd Beck; Rita Huang and Damon Nagami; Anthony and Candice Uy; Jason and Sherry Villar and Melissa Grego as captains. Join us!

Now, on to the rosters. Here's who's racing tomorrow, along with team names and colors:

CHARLIE’S ANGELS (Color: Yellow)
David Cline
Susanne Ault
Margo Whitmire
Melissa Davis

Tony Gama-Lobo
Becky May
Jeff Goldsmith
Jess Solomon

ORANGE CRUSH (Color: Orange)
Matt Cherniss
Christy Cherniss
Peter Johnson
Teresa Johnson
Yvette Urbina
Possibly some of the stars of The O.C. (TBD)

Mark Essig
Shannon Peavey
Melissa Cole

TEAM DOO (Color: Scooby Snack)
Lisa Hirsch- Shaggy
Amanda Bromberg- Velma
Wally Lozano- Fred
Kimberly Moore- Daphne
John Campana- Scooby
Jeremy Bromberg- Scrappy

TEAM FURY (Color: Furious Blue)
Denise Martin
Alan Khamoui
Betsy Huang
Geoff Berkshire
Helen Lee

Ann Donahue
Jason Uyeda
Marc Graser
Ally Hawkins

TEAM PUMPKIN PIE (Color: "Fall Experience")
Louie Domingo
Tom Higdon
April Milek
Karen Thomas

April Lacaba
Pauline Neal
Jeremy Wu

NOT MODELS (Color: White)
Leslie Ryan
Paul Hewitt
Dave Hollis
Rachel Hollis

INVALIDS (Color: Black)
Pang-ni Landrum
Ian Vogt

Thanks, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, October 25, 2004


It's Almost Here!


Here's some important info:

1. The Afterparty has MOVED. That's right, it's no longer at Cinnabar -- it's now at the top-secret race finish line. Nope, not gonna tell ya. (Unless you're not racing. In that case, I will email you the day of the race or somehow otherwise contact you. Call us if you haven't heard from us.)

Again, to reiterate: DON'T GO TO CINNABAR.

2. Even more important, the deadline is WEDNESDAY to form your team and pick your color/theme. Extra points for teams that have a theme. (It's Halloween, after all!)


We need to know how many teams are running! It's going to be a huge number this year, so we may contact you about merging teams or joining other teams if necessary. It's to your benefit to be a part of a larger group. Please, no more than five or six per team.

3. We need clue captains! Please consider that option, or suggest some possible names!

Thanks for playing! We'll see you on Saturday morning. And don't forget, be there by 10 AT THE LATEST!

Monday, October 18, 2004



Greetings all! The response to the race has been fantastic so far. Please start putting together your teams, so we can figure out your team color and/or theme. We also need to get a firm idea how many teams are racing this year...

To get your competitive juices flowing, here's an email from Lisa Hirsch, whose team is already ahead of the game:

In honor of Halloween our team has decided to dress up like the characters of Scooby Doo.... So we are Team Doo, comprised of:

Lisa Hirsch- Shaggy
Amanda Bromberg- Velma
Wally Lozano- Fred
Kimberly Moore- Daphne
Johnny Cha-Cha- Scooby

All right, people, the gauntlet has been thrown! Go to it! And start emailing your team info (or if you're going to help us as Clue Captains) to

Good luck!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


We're Baaa-ck!

Last year we made it into Los Angeles Magazine... this year, let's aim for a sleazy spread in Star or US Weekly! Anyone know if Paris Hilton wants to form a team?

Welcome to the official site of Mike and Maria's Halloween Housewarming Race 2004!

Maria and I have a lot to be thankful for this year... new house, baby on the way, and the success of Ashlee Simpson's album. So why not celebrate with us? Last year we threw the birthday on Mike's 30th B-Day... this time around, consider it an odd mix of Halloween party/housewarming/baby shower. Huh? Hallmark doesn't make a card for such an ocassion? Whatever.

Choice 1: Form a team -- or join a team and participate in The Race! Then party afterwards at Cinnabar, a cool restaurant/bar in Glendale.
Choice 2: Don't want to race? Serve as a Clue Captain. You'll be stationed at one of the stops, handing out clues to teams and making sure they complete any tasks they've been asked to perform. This is much less time-intensive than choice 1, but still fun. You'll still head to the Cinnabar party after you're done.
Choice 3: Forgo the race and instead just show up at Cinnabar at 7 p.m. for the party.
Of course, there's also Choice 4: Pretend you didn't see the Evite or this website, and send a Mike and Maria a belated housewarming gift sometime in February. Nice.

If you watched HBO in the early 80s, chances are you caught the ultra-cheezy movie "Midnight Madness," probably best known for Michael J. Fox's and Paul "Pee-Wee Herman" Reuben's big screen debuts. But the movie's concept itself was appealing in its simplicity. "Midnight Madness" revolved around teams of college kids racing throughout Los Angeles overnight in an "Amazing Race"-style game.
The five teams are assembled by an eccentric college student named Leon, who has concocted "The Great Allnighter," a scavenger hunt around Los Angeles. Leon divides the teams by colors: The good guys who play fair (yellow); the cheaters, led by Stephen Furst (blue); the nerds, led by "Grease's" Eddie Deezen (white); the sorority sisters (red); and the beer-loving jocks (green).
Teams are given clues to solve, which lead them to various L.A. destinations (such as LAX or the Griffith Obervatory), where they then have to find the next clue.
It was glorious early '80s fluff, in the same vein as "Xanadu" or anything else from that era. HBO ran it constantly in those days (along with other questionable entries, like "Oh God!" and "The Pirate Movie"), giving it a permanent home in our collective unconcious minds.
Now, much more recently, "The Amazing Race" -- which just won its second Emmy -- reigns as one of the best, if not the classiest, reality shows in all of television. The CBS series follows teams as they race around the globe, completing challenges and making their way to various route markers -- where they better not be the last team to arrive, or they're eliminated.

You'll divide into teams of four or five players a piece. It's up to you guys to figure out who wants to be on which team.
Teams can consist of whoever you want. You can hook up with others you see on the Evite list. You can bring along friends and significant others, even people Mike and Maria don't know. The more, the merrier!
And if you don't have time to join a team or put together your own, just show up! We'll assign you a team.

That's why we came up with Choice 2 above. We need clue captains! You'll meet along with the other teams in the morning, and then head to your stop when the race begins!

They're running "Game Control" out of their house, meaning they'll be tracking all the teams, troubleshooting problems, perhaps meeting you at a pit stop or two, and setting up shop at the final pit stop to crown the winner.

You'll meet at Maria's and Mike's house at 9 a.m. on October 30. (It's a Saturday.)
First, breakfast. (Provided by them.)
Then, wearing your team colors (yep, we'll divide you into red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, whatever) you'll be given your first clue. Traveling as a team, the race begins! You'll then travel around Los Angeles, completing various tasks (don't worry, nothing too strenuous-- you're not bungee jumping here) and figuring out your next clue.
First team to reach the final pit stop wins. (Wins what? You'll have to wait and see.)
At that point, we'll eat, drink and celebrate. That's at 7 p.m. at the aforementioned Cinnabar, where people who choose not to compete will be waiting.

--Give us an idea of who your team is in the days before the race. And be sure to answer the Evite!
-- Dress to race. Tennis shoes, comfortable outfits. You won't be running too much, but you're in a race! Comfort is a must. (And don't forget to wear a shirt that at least resembles your team color!)
-- Bring along a digital camera. Chronicle your adventure. You'll be glad you did, plus we'll be putting together a web site where you can check out all the shots, including what your rival teams did.
-- Your team will ride in one car.
-- Bring along $20 each for incidentals. (And more if you want. There are no spending limits, but you're not going to have to spend much beyond parking and perhaps an entrance fee to some city attraction. Beyond that, you're probably going to want money to eat and booze at the Afterparty!)
-- Have a cell phone at hand. You'll be checking in with Game Control every once in a while, including to let us know when you're heading toward the final stop!

Mike's Birthday Race-- Meet at Mike and Maria's new home at 9 a.m., Oct. 30. Check the Evite for their address.
Afterparty-- Cinnabar, 7 p.m. 933 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale (cross streets: Brand and Acacia); (818) 551-1155


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