Friday, November 12, 2004


Photo Round-Up from Mike & Maria's Halloween Housewarming Race!

More pics from the original... the best... and the official race around Los Angeles, Mike and Maria's Halloween Housewarming Race!

:: Latest shots come from Team Doo -- who nearly were eliminated from the race when a suicide jumper held up traffic on the 710. Teammate Amanda has posted the group's shots here.

:: Next up, some shots from Mike and Maria's camera can be found online here. A sampling:

Hezekiah Walker and the 111th Street Choir meet 'Amazing Race' winners Chip and Kim

Orange Crush team member Christy shoves a Spam Musubi in her mouth (at downtown's Grand Central Market)

:: Meanwhile, Anthony and Candice took some great photos while serving as clue captains at two different sites. Their shots can be found here. Here are three:

Teams take off from the starting line, at Mike and Maria's house

Two Team Northwestern members hurry past the Korean Bell in San Pedro

Team Doo races toward Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights

:: And the gauntlet has been thrown: Not Models teammate Leslie Ryan believes her group -- who, granted, finished in sixth place -- took the best photos. Go here for the entire stash, and watch as the Not Models stay competitive early in the race... and then start hitting the sauce. Viva Team Not Models!

The "Not Models" race from Mariachi Plaza, where teams were required to find a specific green religious candle before receiving their next clue.

:: Also, Team Anonymous' Shannon has posted a few shots on her (and hubby Akhil's) blog, We Live in L.A..

Team Anonymous' Shannon and Matt, at the starting line (our house)

For the rest of ya, keep sending in photos and/or links! We'll be sharing more race shots in the next few weeks.

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